Get, set or delete an element in the chat context.

The chat context is a volatile namespace for variables related to the current chat user, some variables are predefined (like firstName, lastName, topic, chatId, etc).

Typically this node is used to manually set the topic of the user before or after entering a Rivescript node or to store the extracted variables of an Intent payload .

For example, nodes like Dialogflow node can extract the intent from a sentences along with some variables (numbers, dates, etc). Chaining a Context node stores these vars in the chat context

Store Intent vars

Store Intent vars

Available parameters for the msg.payload

Name Type Description
command string Operation to do on the context: get, set, delete, intent
fieldType string Type of field to set. Required for command: set. Can be: str, num, bol, json.
fieldValue string The value to be set. Required for command: set
fieldName string The name of the chat context variable. Required for command: set, get, delete

This node is available for all platforms.