Reply to an incoming message using RiveScript.

This node answers with a string to the first output if the script is able to elaborate a reply, otherwise a string error is sent to the second output. This node output is generally connected to a Message Node. The node will not try to parse command-like sentences (for example /my_command).

A RiveScript file looks like

! version = 2.0

+ hello bot
- Hello, human!

It’s also able to parse the sentence and store data to the chat context

! version = 2.0

+ my name is guido
- <set name=<star>>ok, I'll remember your name as <get name>

RiveScript can get/set variables in the chat context.

You can use the chat context variable topic to scope some RiveScript triggers into specific subjects

! version = 2.0

> topic name_ok
  + *
  + hello!
< topic

In this case the trigger ""* will be executed only if the topic is name_ok (it’s possible to set the intent using a Context node or in RiveScript with {topic=new_topic}). Note that RiveScript’s topic and RedBot’s intent are the same thing.

Read a RiveScript tutorial tutorial here