The intent message type is the result of nodes like Dialogflow node , Alexa Receiver node, NLPjs Process and Recast node , to control the flow based on the intent can be used a Rules node or a plain Function node.

The keys of the intent payload:

Name Type Description
intent string The name of the intent
isFallback boolean If it’s the fallback intent. Only for Dialogflow
variables object Extracted variables from the intent
answer string The answer string suggested by NLP. Only for Dialogflow
confirmationStatus string The confirmation status of the intent. Can be: none, confirmed, denied. Only for Alexa
dialogState string The status of the dialog. Can be: started, in_progress, completed. Only for Alexa
slotConfirmationStatus object The confirmation status for each variable (slot) of the intent, key is the name of the variable, value is the stats that can be: none, confirmed, denied. Only for Alexa