1.2.4 Include mime type in Telegram sendVideo
1.2.2 Fixed crash in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833), plugins list in Mission Control is not cached anymore
1.2.1 Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/f73d1e0200804467b8f03e077584fb16) now supports regular expressions, Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/0085af98bd2c4c169d4c7e579c7db316) and Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833) now implements alla flags for keyboards (persistant, one time only, etc)
1.2.0 Support for Whatsapp Cloud API, improved events in Rules node, updated Facebook Messenger API to v15.0, removed deprecated node Generic Template node in Facebook Messenger and Location node support, added read, delivery and reactions event for Facebook Messenger, refactored Facebook, Messenger events names (now matches the https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/reference/webhook-events), refactored Messenger Menu node (doesn't require to be connected to Messenger Sender node), added support in Facebook Messenger for notification types, message types and message tags
1.1.6 Add support for spoiler images, video and text in Telegram
1.1.5 Fixed global imports in Mission Control for Mass Contact plugin
1.1.4 Fix templates with non latin chars, fix missing queue error
1.1.3 Added sortable option to contents table, added migrations
1.1.2 Improved templating in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4ae98c5959704cd993a0cc602a17d68b) (i.e., use of {{msg.myVariable}}
1.1.1 Improved Queue node, fixed error missing chatbotId in SQLite context
1.1.0 Added output pins for Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/b8f3ea33948049cca7b94491061183f4) and Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/200e9ae1a1fd459baa29c76d6a4025e2) for better readability, fixed tracking of sender nodes in subflows, fix Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/fab15f139525400f8719ff182238eb4c)
1.0.9 Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d7159ae828804a8784a639e6cdbdb95d) accepts parametrized bot node, Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/bbc3deb2d39a4b338fc6515eee337cd4) now accepts plain strings
1.0.8 Fixed Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833) with props set in upstream node, added variables {{inboundMessageId}} and {{outboundMessageId}}, fixed edit message use case in Telegram, added delete message in Slack, fixed once for all the expired token in Facebook Messenger
1.0.7 Fix fallback text for Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/deb80b7ba4584671abf117b8772a694a)
1.0.6 Added Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/2ac745c9314f4f17b61f31b6a517586f) node
1.0.5 Fix auth in MC when Node-RED admin is not /
1.0.4 Fix web socket in MC
1.0.3 Fix Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d7159ae828804a8784a639e6cdbdb95d) empty description, expand tokens in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/1d90a6e8dfc448d6865c88358c459de2)
1.0.2 Fix Telegram palette, tokenize Conversation node params, upgrade to Node-RED 3.0.1
1.0.1 Updated Telegram library, fixed editor in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/0dc75116dee9458486e1a4f09fc3f44b)
1.0.0 Mission Control (control panel + nodes), removed deprecated nodes, added Google Analytics. See changes https://www.javascript-jedi.com/redbot-1-0/
0.19.20 Fix waiting acknowledgement in Slack API
0.19.19 Fix .keys() error in Rules node, added Push and Pop message nodes
0.19.18 Added skipMediaFiles for Telegram bot, fixed default valut in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833)
0.19.16 Fixed tokens not encrypted in Telegram, fixed reply in threads for Slack, added support for markdown in Slack
0.19.15 Fixed bug in modify message text for inline buttons in Telegram, fixed Slack connector, added support for web sockets
0.19.11 Added and fixed Facebook Messenger templates, remove deprecated templates in Facebook Messenger, expose message id in Telegram, delete a message in Telegram
0.19.10 • Added Telegram menu node, fix sticker node send by id, changed routing error into a warning, enable receiving vide notes, fix louse checking in rules node
0.19.9 Improved NLP (extract all entities, uses alias for multiple entities, fix alias in utterances), improved param nodes for chained messages, remove deprecated nodes (Recast, Listen, Listen-lexicon), in Messenger quick replies removed location and added email / phone buttons
0.19.8 Upgraded NLP.js, refactored location node
0.19.7 Bumped NLP.js
0.19.6 Add formatting for captions in Telegram
0.19.5 Fix Slack cleanup on closing connection
0.19.4 Update Slack to new API Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/61dfd724103b4008836c15ea87461678)
0.19.3 Added error pin to sender nodes for Telegram, Slack, Facebook, Twilio
0.19.2 Reverted previous, fixed param in settings.js config for authorized users usernames
0.19.1 Fixed param in settings.js config for authorized users authorizedUsernames (previously usernames)
0.19.0 Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/90be2580b04c49ef9080367b3fee3dea)
0.18.15 Fix Slack events
0.18.14 Fixed bug with base url on callbacks
0.18.13 Fixed a bug with multi endpoints chatbots (picking the wrong one)
0.18.12 Moved parseMode from Telegram config to Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833) , added language drop down to Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4ae98c5959704cd993a0cc602a17d68b) for multi-language support
0.18.11 Enable MS Teams nodes
0.18.10 Added nodes for NLP.js, deprecated Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/b75d87f7f3814ff08813aae9193ebf90) , breaking changes for Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/f5566a5158ad462186414d41766e7056) , added “Is Language …” rule to Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4113636f565d4ff4af08bc61a644206b)
0.18.9 Support for multiple webhook for Routee
0.18.8 Fix refresh of access token in Routee
0.18.7 Fixed Alexa nodes not properly working with the multi transport framework
0.18.6 Added test endpoint for Telegram webhook
0.18.5 Support for Slack events
0.18.4 Fix post-back buttons in Telegram using web-hooks, fix validation of quick replies in Messenger, fix params for modify message, fix set value in context node
0.18.3 Fix sticker node in Telegram, fix Conversation node and chatId in payload
0.18.2 Fix again hass.io
0.18.1 Fix hass.io empty dropdown in conversation node
0.18.0 Moved all platform-specific flags to Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/d8b27db3949c475184923af913563833) , improved compatibility UI. Some Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/8e5d2a9eee114b4f8a60526f21079afe) in Telegram flags (silent messages and reply to)
0.17.10 Added support for Microsoft Teams
0.17.9 Move Discord platform to a separate package https://github.com/guidone/node-red-contrib-chatbot-discord
0.17.8 Routee support, fixed reply to message in Telegram
0.17.6 Improved Dialogflow, removed static configuration from Conversation node
0.17.5 Added animation node, improved runtime validation of Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/1d90a6e8dfc448d6865c88358c459de2)
0.17.4 Fix Voice node
0.17.3 Added Slack Block Kit
0.17.2 Fix conversation node chatId/userId switch
0.17.1 Fix global configuration
0.17.0 Multi transport support
0.16.12 Improved behaviour of output pin of Universal Connector
0.16.11 Upgraded to Rivescript 2.0, script can be an external file
0.16.10 Improved parsing of plain file context store
0.16.9 Improved console log with validation of Telegram invoice and error in file chat context
0.16.8 Added web hook support for Telegram
0.16.6 Added OAuth token to Slack config (dowload private files)
0.16.5 Fix on Twilio connector to support Whatsapp
0.16.4 Support for Discord
0.16.3 Fixed un-needed token in Alexa
0.16.2 Added Slack extensions (username, icon_emoji)
0.16.1 Fixed “+” for Twilio numbers
0.16.0 Alexa support, refactored Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/b4bd4f8db5d243d487430d073c35992b) , changed format of event message, message chaining. See Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/42b617d395a248b99d06e3bf5094b105)
0.15.13 Support for Slack commands
0.15.12 Broadcast API support for Facebook Messenger
0.15.11 Upgrade Facebook API to 3.*, enable long messages (> 4096) for Telegram
0.15.10 Enable small talk for Dialogflow.com
0.15.9 Fix parsing of Dialogflow.com responses
0.15.8 DialogFlow node updated to API v2
0.15.7 Silent messages for Telegram
0.15.6 Upgraded Slack lib, removed restriction of configuration name === bot name
0.15.5 Fix issue with send picture in Facebook
0.15.4 Fixed some issues with the Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/04668c7a415547bc9f34be57dd063db2) , added support for platform with different names, added Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/6cfd957b91f642b5894a76e2b15feb05) node
0.15.3 Fixed Facebook permission “locale”
0.15.2 Better support of message types registration
0.15.1 Support for optin.ref in Facebook Messenger
0.15.0 Twilio connector
0.14.6 Added pending variable to chat context (supported by Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/84b9ea66d20743fd9cf45d3de5f17693) and Recast.ai node)
0.14.5 Removed unused fields from Facebook Profile that were causing permissions problem
0.14.4 Universal Receiver node now receives thw whole message, not just the payload
0.14.3 Fixed bug with params resolving in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4ae98c5959704cd993a0cc602a17d68b)
0.14.2 Fix message for inline buttons in Viber
0.14.0 Added Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4c24b378e02c491a90240309b9f349c1)
0.13.6 Added support for nested menu in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/c5140a0ab4ae4345a2731f67b92c3e53) via Function node
0.13.5 Some cleanup
0.13.4 Added Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/04668c7a415547bc9f34be57dd063db2)
0.13.3 Fixed a bug with track option and plain file context, added pass through option to Sender node to make the outpin pin optional
0.13.1 All sender nodes have output pin enabled (w/o track option), in order to chain more messages and keep the order. Fixed parsing of numeric chatId in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/1d90a6e8dfc448d6865c88358c459de2) , fixed filename in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/c36fbd8a58574fd0bbf8b0eb04a7d4ae) for Telegram
0.13.0 Viber support
0.12.8 Improve url regular expression, detect mistaken buffer in Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/e4db571720f74584bfa97668c100db43)
0.12.7 Fixed upload image in Slack with missing filename param
0.12.6 Fix incorrect payload for Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/4ae98c5959704cd993a0cc602a17d68b)
0.12.5 Added events new-user, referral, filter by event in Rules node, now Dialogflow node and Recast node can be connected directly to a Message node if they provide and answer
0.12.4 Fix docs for Keyboard Buttons node
0.12.3 Added support for Facebook messaging_referrals
0.12.2 Added debug flag to all receivers
0.12.1 Fixed send sticker in Telegram
0.12.0 Added Invoice node and Invoice Shipping node for Telegram
0.10.3 Fixed concurrency in plain file context provider, improved error logging
0.10.2 Improved detect command and fixed error in Telegram postback
0.10.1 Dialogflow and React can store the intent in any variable, Rules node can now check the value of a variable
0.10.0 Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/32ee21e577b04b67864c3638b1c622e0)
0.9.29 Fixed a bug where unused chatbots where launched even if not used (causing some polling error in Telegram)
0.9.28 Deprecated Transport node in favour of Rules node, fixed blank context dropdown, Facebook upload doesn’t use temporary file anymore, fixed Dialogflow.com/Recast.ai second output
0.9.27 …and another deprecation in Telegram lib
0.9.26 Update Telegram api library
0.9.25 Deprecated Switch Node, added message type rules to Rules node, relaxed some verification checks with Facebook Messenger, fixed small bugs with Dialogflow and Recast
0.9.24 Fixed button labels for Request node
0.9.23 Added nodes for Recast.ai and Dialogflow.com, improved debugging in system console
0.9.22 Now Node keyboard can remove a previously sent keyboard
0.9.21 [breaking changes] Refactored Node keyboard, aligned the payload to other buttons (Untitled (https://redbot.notion.site/0085af98bd2c4c169d4c7e579c7db316) )
0.9.20 Fixed Log node payload, fixed second pin output of Rivescript node
0.9.19 Added rule ‘environment’ to Rules node
0.9.18 Added rule ‘any command’ to Rules node
0.9.17 Support for Node-RED projects. Telegram, Slack and Facebook nodes have multiple configuration for production and development, now the same flow runs in different environments. Deprecated API.ai node
0.9.15 Added Rules node, fixed messages being broadcasted multiple times, fixed Conversation node for Facebook
0.9.14 Fixed startup error on Facebook Messenger
0.9.13 Fixed dropdown “parse mode” for Telegram
0.9.12 New context engine available for Facebook Messenger